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  • High voltage probe
  • Extended voltage measuring to 40kV
  • Use with standard multimeters with 10Mohm input impedance
  • Measures at 60 Hz

    Note: HV probe for 22 MW input is available, MM-HV231-22






  • Pen-size logic probes
  • Troubleshoot and analyze digital logic circuits
LP10A: Good Value for Most Common Circuits
Detects pulses > 30 ns up to 17 MHz, TTL, CMOS levels and dual LEDs indicate hi/lo state

LP25A: Better Unit Tests More
Detects pulses > 30 ns up to 25 MHz, TTL, CMOS, DTL, RTL, NMOS, MOS logic dual LEDs and tone indicate hi/lo state

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Exclusive patented technology provides the fastest and easiest method of finding shorts and tracing circuits on PCBs.

  • Brush probe quickly pinpoints area of shorts and traces circuits in assembled printed circuits, multi-conductor cables, mass terminations systems, backplanes, connectors and IC sockets
  • Low-test voltage protects sensitive circuitry and eliminates false continuity indications
  • Many applications in depot service benches, production quality control and production engineering




Tel: 1-800-ADAPTER, (1-800-232-7837)
Fax: (408) 982-0664

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